Members' allowances

Members of our community stand for election to become councillors voluntarily, but we do not believe that anyone should be discouraged from standing due to financial concerns. Councillors are allocated an allowance every year. They can also claim travel and subsistence expenses for specific activities. The allowances claimed by our district councillors for the 2018/19 financial year are listed below.

See part 4 of our council constitution for details of our Members' Allowance Scheme.

View a pdf version list of the Members' allowances 2018-2019

View a csv formatted list of the Members' allowances 2018-2019 csv

Download current and historical Members' allowances on DataShare

In line with the Council’s policy of working in a transparent and open manner, we additionally publish the details of allowances claimed for each quarter of the current financial year, as and when these become available.

Independent Remuneration Panel

The Members Allowance & Expenses Scheme is set with the aid of an Independent Remuneration Panel. This panel is consulted by the Council before recommendations to changes in the scheme are considered. The Panel last met in September 2015, the Panel Report & Notice as to its publication are featured below.

Independent Remuneration Panel Report September 2015

Independent Remuneration Panel Report Notice September 2015

Notice re changes to Members Allowances Scheme December 2015

Notice re changes to Members Allowances Scheme July 2016