Meeting attendance

Monday, 26th November, 2018 5.30 pm, Cabinet

Venue:   Council Chamber

Contact:    Catherine Mackenzie

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Cllr Mrs Julia Adey Cabinet Member for Environment Committee Member Present
Cllr Dominic Barnes Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategy & Communications Committee Member Present
Cllr Steve Broadbent Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration Committee Member Present
Cllr David Carroll Cabinet Member for Youth and External Partnerships Committee Member Apologies
Cllr David Johncock Cabinet Member for Planning Committee Member Present
Cllr Mrs Julia Langley Cabinet Member for Housing Committee Member Present
Cllr Graham Peart Cabinet Member for Community Committee Member Present
Cllr David Watson Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources Committee Member Present
Cllr Ms Katrina Wood Executive Leader of the Council Chairman Present
Cllr Lawrence Wood Cabinet Member for Digital Development & Customer Services Committee Member Present
Cllr Zia Ahmed Spokesperson Present
Cllr Suzanne Brown Spokesperson Present
Cllr Carl Etholen Spokesperson Present
Cllr Tony Green Spokesperson Present
Cllr Gary Hall Spokesperson Present
Cllr Mark Harris Spokesperson Present
Cllr Matt Knight Spokesperson Present
Cllr David Knights Spokesperson Present
Cllr Rafiq Raja Spokesperson Present
Cllr Alan Turner Spokesperson Present
Cllr Clive Harriss Guest In attendance
Cllr Tony Lee Guest In attendance
Cllr Hugh McCarthy Guest In attendance
Cllr John Savage Guest In attendance
Cllr Paul Turner Guest In attendance