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Bucks Advantage, 2020

The forward plan is a list of the council’s key decisions that will be made over the next one to four months. These decisions will be made by the Cabinet, an individual Cabinet Member or by officers who have been delegated authority by the Cabinet.

The forward plan is updated and published, effective 28 days prior to a Cabinet meeting.

The plan includes a short description of the decision to be made; who will make it; when the decision will be taken; contact details for further information (including reports and background papers), whether the report is due to be considered wholly or partly in private, and the reason for no public access.

Exception Notices

Regulation 5 of the Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012 requires 28 clear-days notice of a decision-making body’s intention to meet in private, including a statement of the reasons for the meeting to be held in private. Where the date by which a meeting must be held makes compliance with this regulation impracticable, the meeting may only be held in private with the agreement of the Chairman of the relevant Overview & Scrutiny Committee (at Wycombe District Council this means the Chairman of the Improvement & Review Commission) that the meeting is urgent and cannot reasonably be deferred. Once agreement is reached a notice must be published setting out the reasons why the meeting is urgent and cannot reasonably be deferred.

These Notices will be displayed in the Library


  • There are no plans published for this period