Agenda item



The Cabinet Member for Finance & Resources presented the item, outlining its submission was in order to comply with CIPFA (Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy) regulations. The report before Council incorporated the Council’s Capital Strategy, the Capital Programme including new capital proposals for the period 2018-19 to 2023-24, and the Treasury Management Annual Strategy Report for 2019-20.

The reports had been presented separately in previous years, but were now being presented together linking investment both in terms of treasury management and assets. The aim was to avoid duplication between the reports, and to strengthen the link between capital spending and the treasury management function.


In response to a Member query the Cabinet Member confirmed the Total Core Funds estimates for 18/19 of £74m, as opposed to £44.7m for 19/20 year end, as featured page 101 of the agenda.


In doing receiving and confirming the Strategy, the Council would be compliant with the Local Government Act 2003 and various other regulations and guidance and would ensure that the Council’s investment plans were prudent, affordable and sustainable.


RESOLVED: That Council approve:

a)  the Capital Strategy at Appendix 1;

b)  the Minimum Revenue Provision Policy Statement at Appendix 1a;

c)   the Capital Programme for 2018/19 to 2023/24 totalling £134.3m as summarised in Table 1;

d)  the Treasury Management Strategy and Prudential and Treasury Indicators in Appendix 3; and

e)  the Treasury Management Practice at Appendix 3A.

Supporting documents: